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Animal Rescue and Krain in Costa Rica
Moving to Costa Rica is a daunting adventure but once you are here you can become part of the community and help build strong relationships. One fantastic way I am building relationships and a strong community is by delving into the Animal Rescues and giving a helping hand.
Closing Your Dream Home in Costa Rica
Buyers come to Costa Rica with a dream in mind, finding their dream vacation home! At Krain, we help them find their dream home, we help them make on offer, and ultimately finalize a contract to purchase their home. What we want to help everyone understand today is the process that occurs between the accepting the offer and the final closing day!
Emigrating to Costa Rica
I get requests every day about emigrating to Costa Rica. Luckily I have some of the best lawyers in Costa Rica to help with your needs. I have personally emigrated here and can help advise you on what it takes to become a resident of Costa Rica. There is some paperwork involved and there are three primary ways to become a resident of Costa Rica and they each come with their own rules and regulations which we won’t fully go into here.
Healthy Life the Pura Vida Way!
A Personal Blog about living the Pura Vida life and becoming healthy without even trying. Living the Pura Vida way is all about life in Costa Rica.
Moving to Costa Rica
Moving to Costa Rica is a wonderful adventure but once you are here some people can’t quite seem to adjust to the lifestyle or the climate and don’t notice the immediate effects on your body and mentality. I want to share some tips and hints on how to adapt quickly.