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Jim Levy | Broker Associate

I’ve been a professional Realtor since 2002, licensed in Colorado USA before moving to Costa Rica as my full time residence in 2012. My ten years with ReMAX in Colorado took me though a full spectrum of economic climates and industry trends; during which I was consistently recognized as a top agent, from both statistical and quality of client care standpoints.

I have first-hand experience with a variety of housing lifestyles: single family, townhome & patio home, and condominium; from urban to suburban to resort - including the luxury market.

My original schooling and livelihood was in the hotel and restaurant hospitality business, which rewarded me in the culinary arts, wines, restaurant operations management (including conceiving of and opening my own restaurant), healthcare foodservice, and information technology for restaurant systems.  Certainly, the hospitality background has helped secure my success in real estate – understanding customer service and expectations.  I am a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR); upholding ethical and professional business standards including ongoing continuing education requirements.

I am a strong believer in community development and cohesion, from the neighborhood level through local politics.  I’ve served on multiple homeowners Boards in leadership roles, became recognized for oversight of development planning at the city/county level, and participate with a non-profit cycling group targeting kids with healthy alternatives to unfavorable lifestyle choices. 

My wife Diane and I actually purchased our first property in Tamarindo in 2004, recognizing the unique character of the country and its peoples, an emerging global tourism and commercial destination, and potential retirement choice.   Initially, our ‘play’ was for vacation rental income, with the opportunity to enjoy the property as a family getaway; a perspective from which we’ve celebrated much success.  As we moved to Tamarindo, it seemed natural to guide and assist people with real estate here in the Guanacaste region, relating our experience of foreign ownership and balancing the cultural requirements of my clients.  Our shift to life in Costa Rica was prompted as our two children successfully established their own livelihoods, our vigor, and the choice to “get out and live” before we were too old to participate at an active level.  I have a passion for cycling, and have toured much of the western world on two wheels.  


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