Community and Lifestyle

Life in Batán, Costa Rica.

The greenery in Batán is stunning and unique. Butterflies and monkeys make their presence known. During rainy days, kids go out in search of frogs and geckos  they find splashing in the puddles.

Batán is located in the middle of three national parks, Chirripo, Tortuguero, and Barbilla, offering limitless opportunities for adventure. Wildlife watching tours, walking trails, suspension bridges, and “mirador” view lookout points are in every direction from Batán.

Residents enjoy beach going, canoeing, martial arts, and swimming in the calm and clean Barbilla River. There are countless waterfalls to enjoy around Batán. After working up an appetite, residents head to Fripollo Restaurant for some fast food, ceviche, or a cool American brand soda. Another option is to relax at Bar La Espiga De Oro Batán, the local pub or to socialize at the local internet cafe.

Batán is very family oriented, and people of all ages will feel at home here. Within just a few months of living here, residents say that they begin feel like part of the extended adopted family that is Batán. It’s common for children to call most of the adults in the community “Ma” or “Pa.” The elderly are respected and put at the front of the lines at the supermarket and the bank.  If they get tired while walking, they are welcome to stop and rest on a neighbor’s porch. Families often appreciate that there are extra eyes watching out for their kids.  

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