Community and Lifestyle

Life in Brasilito, Costa Rica.

Brasilito stands out from neighboring beach communities because of its traditional Costa Rican feel. To the north and south, it's easy to find a half dozen other beach communities where foreigners drastically out-number the locals and where you'll hear English being spoken all around you; but not in Brasilito. The community is mostly inhabited by Costa Ricans, many of them working to support the tourism industry in other places, then coming home to their families and lives here. People of every age gather at the town's soccer field and enjoy meals at the modest "sodas" (that's a very casual Costa Rican restaurant). There are no big name stores or even national chain supermarkets in Brasilito; it has a noticeably local feel to it.

But don't think this is just a sleepy beach town. The town comes alive as groups of visitors trickle through the area, coming to enjoy its mellow and quiet light gray-sand beach. A variety of restaurants line the beach, and sodas are positioned around the soccer field, which sits just steps away from the waves.  

One of the best restaurants in town is the Papayo Restaurant in the Conchal Hotel.  While not located on the beach, this amazing restaurant has its own beautiful atmosphere featuring the lush vegetation, pool, and charm of the small hotel.  Owned and operated by an ex-pat couple, this charming restaurant offers delectable seafood and cocktails that will leave you savoring the experience. 

Brasilito's position less than two miles from the ultra-luxurious Westin Resort in Playa Conchal means that it attracts a more upscale crowd from time to time.  Several exquisite restaurants and the simple charm of the town attract nearby property owners and those staying in vacation rentals within the resort. The relationship between residents in both communities is mutually beneficial. For example, Brasilito residents may seek membership in Playa Conchal's multiple clubs. An exclusive members-only tennis club and Roberts Trent Jones II-designed golf course ensure those who vacation and retire in Costa Rica will be able to keep their skills sharp.

A quick drive along the beach delivers Brasilito residents to a completely different beach experience. The beach at Playa Conchal is made of up of tons of crushed up seashells, a natural wonder and a delight to see and experience for yourself. Vendors sell souvenirs and snacks, while massage therapists set up their tables just feet from the ocean.


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