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Things to do in Cañas, Costa Rica.

Cañas has a decidedly traditional feel to it that doesn't exist in beachfront communities or other larger towns in Costa Rica. It seems like the outside world may not have influenced the locals as heavily as in other areas. A walk around town in the early hours of the morning will reveal women sweeping the dusty entryways of their homes, kids filing into the schools in uniform, and busy bakeries stocking their shelves as they welcome the new day.  Retired gentlemen sit in the main plaza, sharing stories and people watching.  The large plaza serves as the town center and attracts visitors who come by to admire and snap pictures of the stunning mosaic-covered church, even if they're just passing through the area.

The mornings may start a little slowly in Cañas, but the pace quickly picks up as the day progresses. There are many small stores selling everything from electronics to gifts to clothes–but no American brand-name stores in sight. The classic Costa Rican "casado," a mixed plate that usually includes rice, beans, a vegetable succotash, cabbage salad, and slices of fried plantain, is your typical fare in Cañas. At night-time the town gathers to enjoy each other's company and an occasional musical act or other interesting event in the main plaza. Cañas is small, peaceful, and has a charming allure that some find impossible to resist.

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