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Life in Ciudad Neily, Costa Rica.

There’s a good balance between rural adventure and city amenities in Neily. Ciudad Neily has everything one could need: a pharmacy called Villa Nelly, Erika’s Bookstore, a PC Doctor, the Loaiza supermarket, a central park, a sporting goods store called Cuadrasport (highly needed for jungle hiking, spelunking, and exploring in the nearby caverns), a fresh vegetable and fish market, a beauty salon, banks, a gas station, hardware shops, a bakery, a fire station, and a hospital. To boot, legal and medical services are widely available. Thus, Neily is well developed, yet has plenty of green areas and even waterfall zone to enjoy with friends and family. Further, while the area is mostly flat, Ciudad Neily has mountains just at the city limits, offering incredible views.

The city has long term visitors who come for a few months each year, as well as permanent residents from all over the world. The jobs available in the city are related to commerce, farming, or tourism, and internet providers have rapidly increased service to the area.

In their free time, residents tend to hike, kayak, or fish at Golfo Dulce. They often get a day pass to the Hotel Centro Turistico Neily, which offers country club pools with slides. The Hotel Centro Turistico Neily also has a restaurant and an event room that can be rented out.

Those interested in cultural attractions can visit the indigenous reservation of the Guayami people and learn about their beaded jewelry and interesting musical instruments.

For those who like a game of chance, there are gaming and gambling salons throughout the town. Machines are sometimes found in unexpected places, like at the ice cream parlor. There’s also a pool hall and Leonick’s Video Game Center.  If even more of a night out on the town is in order, head to El Rancho or Restaurante Asia, both of which offer karaoke starting at 8:00 p.m. 

If upscale shopping is more your style, you’ll find plenty of it at Chicas Boutique. Finally, a visit to the Palma Aceitera Park is a must for anyone new to the town. The “La Torre” lookout point within Palma Aceitera Park makes one stop and marvel at the wonders of the world.



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