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Since I was very young, I realized the incredible power of investing in real estate. I genuinely want others to enjoy the same benefits that my husband and I have enjoyed.

James and I bought our first house when I was 19 and he was 21 (I said young...right!). Shortly after, we both got jobs in downtown Toronto and decided to rent out our home. It was during this time that we began realizing the incredible potential of investing in Real Estate. We later sold our brand new motorcycle and leveraged the equity in our first home to purchase a second income property. Ultimately, we were able to buy a third property that would become our primary residence.

By 2017, when I was 29 years old, and due to intense market upswing, James and I were able to refinance our first home (which we had been renting for several years), sell our second income property, and pay off the mortgage on our primary residence. Imagine, 29 and mortgage free! It was at this time that James and I left the rat race to start Evoke Realty Group in Barrie, Ontario Canada.

Our early investments in Real Estate are what have allowed us to build a home in Costa Rica and move our family to paradise! The incredible wealth opportunity and ability to share it with others is what originally drove me into Real Estate sales.

The best part, you don’t have to start when you're 19. My parents didn’t kick start their real estate investing until well into their 50’s and now enjoy 4 rental properties in Canada and a vacation home in Florida.

My background in accounting and real estate experience helps me ensure my clients are protected

I did not just wake up one day and decide to sell Real Estate. My goal was to be a Chartered Professional Accountant, what a snoozefest that would have been for me! That goal, however, provided me with over 5 years of valuable finance, economic, business, and contract law education. In addition, I gained personal investment experiences that not all Realtors have had.

After University I spent 5+ years in Cyber Security Consulting, where I specialized in identifying weaknesses in the cyber security programs of Fortune 500 companies and educating their leadership teams on how to prepare for disaster recovery and business continuity. No, I have never hacked anyone. Yes, we had teams that did hack (ethically of course), and overall Cyber Security is way cooler in the movies!

Basically, all that knowledge combined with the real estate experience I have acquired, means I know what I am talking about. I didn’t learn all I know in a weekend real estate course and that is reflected in the success of Evoke Realty Group. I use that experience to protect my clients and to negotiate and secure investment opportunities that can change lives.


1. I cannot say no to animals, which is probably why we have so many. I definitely see a farm in my future.

2. I have 5 tattoos. One says, “P.S. I love you”. The “P” stands for my daughter Priya, and the “S” for my son Sterling. Clever eh?

3. I am an excellent markswoman. Just call me Annie Oakley.

4. I have a sweet tooth and have mastered the art of sugary treats. Just don’t ask me to cook you a meal...yuck.

5. Prior to Real Estate, I studied to become a Chartered Professional Accountant, but ended up pursuing a career in Cyber Security with a Top 4 Global Firm.


I was once a client with a dishonest realtor. When my wife and I were looking to purchase our next family home, our realtor found us a property he tried to sell us. Unfortunately, we found out that it was owned by his employer and was completely gutted by a fire because it was a meth lab that had exploded. That is the moment I knew I could do far better for people.

It is my reason why I will be a true advisor and someone who works for my client’s fiduciary interest. I want my clients to weigh out the pros and cons, so they are really making an informed decision. When I have had clients buy or sell with their “hearts” or feel pressured, it often leads to remorse. I never want my clients to feel dissatisfied about a real estate investment they have made.

When you come down to Costa Rica on a vacation do you want a realtor who pushes that you’re buying a piece of paradise and who only talks about the positives? Or, would you like to know the risks: the red tape, taxes, potential delays, or other factors that may make the process a bit annoying?
You will hear the good, bad, and ugly from me because your future is at stake. Whether you are investing in your financial future or making a lifestyle change for you and your family, I will make sure you are completely satisfied with the decision you have made.

I always want to get a win for my clients

I don’t like losing, but I won’t go for the win if it is a bad deal. With the transactions I’m involved in, my clients come first, then the parties they are transacting with, then me and my cooperating counterpart. It needs to be a win for the clients first...always.

I have always been interested in real estate. It is in my blood. My grandfather worked as a foreman for a medium sized home building company when I was young, so I was reading blueprints as a child. And I loved playing and constructing buildings with Lego in my early years.

When I bought my first property at 21, my passion for building and desire to succeed came together. I was able to see the potential in long term real estate investments and how beneficial a great deal can be. Now I strive to get those deals for my clients. I want them to have the win, so if it is a good deal, I’ll fight for it. If I can’t get it done one way, I’ll do everything I can to get more creative. There is always a solution.


1. I have a very open mind. I love interesting and unique conversations. If you want to take the red pill and dive down the rabbit hole like Neo in the Matrix, we can put on our tinfoil hats and go crazy.

2. I enjoy getting to know people, and things, I’m constantly curious, I live in a world full of why’s and what if’s.

3. I am a skeptic, I question everything, and truly want to, not just know, but understand everything. Which means everything is open for debate with me, and nothing is off limits.

4. I am a hoisting engineer and have helped construct buildings 50 stories high.