Healthy Life the Pura Vida Way!

A Personal Blog about living the Pura Vida life and becoming healthy without even trying. Living the Pura Vida way is all about life in Costa Rica.

Everyone views Costa Rica as a beautiful place to live but don’t necessarily equate the health benefits with the lifestyle here in Costa Rica. The amazing weather just accentuates the healthy aspects and can help you become medication free just like it has done for me. 

When I moved to Costa Rica, I weighed 330 lbs.and was on medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, hypertension, and other issues. The lifestyle in Costa Rica lends itself to healthier eating and living simply by utilizing correct portion sizes and allowing you to get out to exercise more easily. Not to mention the low cost of fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily prepared and amazing.             

Costa Rica living is such an unbelievable experience in itself for healthy living. We have a small group of four friends that go body surfing every morning and every afternoon for sunrise and sunset. It is inexpensive, exhilarating, and great exercise. Between the amazing surf, sunrises and sunsets, turtle hatchings, and good friends, it is incredibly easy to eat healthy and get some great exercise.  

The lifestyle in Costa Rica naturally promotes healthy living and exercise. It is the one reason it is so easy to take weight off and decrease dependency on medications down to nothing. In six months, I have gone from several medications to zero medications and now have a blood pressure of 111/77. You can do it too by simply embracing the Pura Vida lifestyle here in Costa Rica. Your dreams bring you here; let Krain’s passion do the rest for you.