Animal Rescue and Krain in Costa Rica

animal rescue krain.png


By Jeff Goode

Moving to Costa Rica is a daunting adventure but once you are here you can become part of the community and help build strong relationships. One fantastic way I am building relationships and a strong community is by delving into the animal rescues and giving a helping hand. 

I recently helped rescue a beautiful young dog that was covered in ticks, and had tick fever and an infection. This pretty lady is recovering nicely thanks to the efforts of my colleague, Maria Luisa, and Barbara Deppe from Barbara’s Animal Rescue Center ( who graciously took in Libele and is nursing her back to health.

It truly takes a community to save lives. One of our developers recently discovered seven newborn puppies who lost their mother at birth. He brought these puppies to Barbara’s Animal Rescue Center, where we are currently bottle-feeding these babies. So many people have volunteered from our Facebook pages to help feed the babies, and this is what truly distinguishes the Krain Costa Rica real estate family. We are part of the community and strive to make that community better. It just so happens that, in becoming part of that community, I have found something that truly makes me a better person and gives me the ability to make a difference.                                                                                       

If you wish to donate to Barbara’s Animal Rescue you can do so by PayPal at Every penny counts when it comes to these wonderful animals. Barbara doesn’t just save dogs and cats but also rescues coatis (pictured with the dog), spotted skunks, and any other animal that needs a loving hand. I am truly blessed to be in wonderful Costa Rica and I plan to give back as much as I can to the country that is giving me so much of itself.