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Liberia, Costa Rica

Liberia: Colonial Charm in a Bustling City

Liberia is a city that comes alive each day with busy residents jetting off to school and to work. It is the capital of the Guanacaste province and has amenities, restaurants, and stores that cannot be found elsewhere in the region. As one of Costa Rica's larger cities, Liberia has hospitals, banks, restaurants, professional services, stores, shopping plazas, and other urban essentials, yet Liberia still retains its small-town charm.  Furthermore, just outside the city limits, one will quickly find that Liberia is surrounded by beautiful ranches, farms, and open fields.  As such, Liberia has everything you'll need for living or retirement in Costa Rica.

Real Estate


Liberia real estate is incredibly varied. It is especially attractive to those who realize the benefits of investing in Costa Rica yet have no interest in a beachfront property. Builders and developers have responded to the demand from a growing retiree and expatriate community in Liberia. Luxury homes and farmland estates on the outskirts of the city are built to North American standards. Many of these luxury homes feature beautiful architecture that blends local tradition with more modern tastes.

Vacation rentals in this part of the country don't feature ocean views; instead, expect to see the picturesque outline of mountains and volcanoes every day. Investing in Costa Rica's Guanacaste region doesn't have to be all about brand new construction and contemporary styles, though. If you dream of owning a cattle ranch or horse farm as part of your retirement in Costa Rica, there is no better place than the area surrounding Liberia. In Liberia, you have your choice of slow-paced country living or busy city life.

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