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Montezuma, Costa Rica

Montezuma: Beaches, Waterfalls, and Yoga in the Land of Pura Vida

Once a remote fishing village on the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma began charming travelers in the 1980s with its gushing waterfalls, white sand beaches, and stunning nature reserve. Today Montezuma is widely known as a hippie enclave in Costa Rica, famous for its handmade jewelry, yoga studios, and healing arts.


The small community of Montezuma has a unique and inviting vibe. Jewelers and crafters, many from Argentina, line the main road selling handcrafted silver rings, leatherware, and other unique treasures. In the central park, donation-based yoga classes are held throughout the week, and a Saturday farmer’s market offers a lively gathering with organic produce, homemade goodies, and live music.  The town has various yoga studios and even a fire dancing school. In addition to the hippie culture, there is a strong European culture. Gelato shops, Italian restaurants, and bakeries mingle with authentic Costa Rican sodas and healthy organic cafes. In the evenings, locals and tourists play pool and dance to salsa or reggae at the one bar in town, Chico’s, and there are usually fire-dancing performances on the beach.

Most residents live up on the hill above Montezuma in single family homes, some with ocean views, or on the road between Montezuma and Cóbano. Hotels are scattered around town, and some travelers even pitch their own tents on the more remote beaches.

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