Schools and Education

Schools and Education: Moravia San Jose, Costa Rica.

Moravia has become an attractive city for locals and foreigners because of its peaceful and secure atmosphere. This, in turn, has caused the establishment of several educational institutions in the area that enjoy a very good reputation.

Saint Francis College is one of Costa Rica´s most well known and respected schools. Saint Francis College has been an institution for 60 years, providing educational services to students from kindergarten to 11th grade. English and Spanish lessons are offered, with an emphasis on math and science.

Colegio Sion (Sion Highschool) is another highly respected private institution found in Moravia. Colegio Sion is a bilingual school as well; however schools like Saint Francis enjoy a bit better reputation in this city. Sion High School is a Christian school that focuses on traditional values and principles.  Sion High School opened its doors in 1879 and welcomes students from kindergarten through 11th grade.

Colegio Maria Inmaculada de Moravia is another iconic education in Moravia. An educational organization since 1962,  Colegio Maria Inmaculada de Moravia strongly promotes the Catholic education of their students. They also offer services to students of all ages and tend to be a more affordable private school.