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Nicoya, Costa Rica

Nicoya: Colonial Charm near Mountains, Beaches, and More

Nicoya is a modest town that looks large only when compared to the even smaller beach and mountain towns sprinkled throughout the surrounding area. With its charming colonial feel and rich indigenous history, it has a cultural presence rarely found in other Costa Rican towns. Nicoya serves as the hub of the southern Nicoya Peninsula thanks to its numerous banks, shops, and grocery stores.

Nicoya Real Estate


Nicoya offers those interested in investing in Costa Rica an alternative environment that's different from much of the country. Unlike the Central Valley, where cool weather is common, the heat stays year-round in Nicoya. A mix of rolling mountains and small plains make up the scenery outside town. Luxury homes are nestled in the mountains, occasional ocean views surprising both owners and guests. Vacation rentals are few and far between in this land where few tourists ever visit. At an hour or few hours away, world-class beaches are close, yet this is no beach community. There's a sense of colonial living here, and of Costa Rica tradition. Whether you come for retirement in Costa Rica, to build a second home, or to find a vacation property for your family, you'll notice there's something special about Nicoya.


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