Hospitals and Medical Services

Medical Services in Orosi, Costa Rica.

Pharmacies, clinics, and dentist’s offices are readily available in Orosí for regular appointments and minor medical attention.  In addition, three private hospitals are located within driving distance from Orosí, as indicated below. 

Hospital Universal:  Hospital Universal is the first private hospital in Cartago. Services include general surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, OBGYN, radiology, and internal medicine among others.

Hospital CIMA San Jose:  Despite its name, this private hospital is actually located in San Rafael de Escazu. CIMA is a favorite of many expatriates for its clean, spacious buildings, knowledgeable physicians and English speaking staff.

Hospital Clinica Biblica:  Located in San Jose, Clinica Biblica was founded in 1921 by missionaries. Regarded as one of the premier medical institutions in Latin America, many residents use Clinica Biblica as their regular hospital.

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