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Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Playa Grande - Peaceful Living Near the Ocean and Wildlife

Just north of Tamarindo, Playa Grande is close to the amenities of city living yet somehow feels like it's much further away. Few Costa Rican vacation itineraries include a stay in Playa Grande–making it all the more attractive to investors looking for a slower, more peaceful lifestyle.

Those considering Playa Grande for a second home or for retirement in Costa Rica will be pleased to know that they can continue to keep up with their favorite sports and activities.  Yoga and Pilates studios in Playa Granda and Tamarindo offer classes on a daily basis. A few area hotels have tennis courts that residents are welcome to use. An active sailing and boating community is always welcoming of new residents in their circles.

Real Estate

Luxury homes and vacation rentals make up most of the scene when it comes to Playa Grande real estate. They are scattered throughout the area, giving it an uncluttered and natural feel.  Set back from the beach, many are just a short walk from the shore. Because of its designation as a national park and an important turtle nesting site, lights must be blocked from reaching the shore.  

Development here is slow and closely monitored, which keeps crowds to a minimum. Playa Grande is a calm and peaceful community that's near many natural wonders of Costa Rica.



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