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Atmosphere and Things to do in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

Playa Hermosa translates to "Beautiful Beach" in English, a name that is well deserved. The black volcanic sand sets a dramatic scene, and on the clearest of days visitors enjoy stunningly beautiful aquamarine waters that contrast the sand perfectly.

Playa Hermosa is the name of the entire region, which has a small beach town as its center. With a handful of hotels and restaurants and plenty of surfers walking the dirt roads, "laid back cool" is a great way to describe the vibe of this town. It is a stark contrast to the always-busy beach town of Jaco which is just a few minutes to the north. 

South of the town, a dirt road runs parallel to the highway and grants visitors access to 10 kilometers of beaches that all make up the Playa Hermosa region. Along this road, scattered beachfront luxury homes and vacation rentals put the ocean right at your front door. These secluded areas of the beach make it possible to feel like you have the whole beach and ocean to yourself.

Many residents in this area live in the hills behind the town of Playa Hermosa. There are all kinds of options available for those looking at investing in Costa Rica and who want to be near the beach.

Activities & Attractions


One activity/hobby/lifestyle reigns supreme in Playa Hermosa, and that is surfing. The surf is known for being tough, with serious surfers coming to conquer the waves or, at the very least, to get bruised up trying. There are monthly surfing events, and a major international competition takes place in August each year.

There are major attractions both north and south of Playa Hermosa. Less than 10 minutes north, Jaco serves as a major tourist destination attracting beach-hopping visitors from around the world. The surfing is easier, the town is a lot bigger, and the scene is much more crowded. The town has banks, some excellent restaurants, lots of shops, and other amenities that you're sure to appreciate.

Further down the coast, Manuel Antonio National Park and the surrounding beaches are a major attraction that no visitor or resident should miss. Two- and three-fingered sloths, white-faced monkeys, mantled howler monkeys, morpho butterflies, and many other famous examples of Costa Rican wildlife all call the park home and can be spotted on any given day. The large Playa Espadilla, which extends out from the national park's entrance, is a fun and busy beach scene full of surfers, parasailing and banana boat tour operators, and vendors. Within the park, several more private beaches are picture perfect with their brightly colored waters and soft white sand.


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