Playa Potrero Community & Lifestyle

Playa Potrero offers some of the best water activities. Playa Potrerol offers snorkeling, fishing, boating, and scuba diving. Play Potrero offers a healthy life style for those who are into yoga or just wanting to eat healthier food. Buying a Home in Playa Potrero can change your life. KRAIN Real Estate is located in Playa Potrero. Come Visit us today and change your life forever. Invest in your happiness and Costa Rica Real Estate.

The overall vibe of this beach town is laid back and family friendly. Retirees are attracted to this area for its many amenities, including its proximity to excellent health care, beautiful beaches, terrific restaurants, golf, boating, and exploring all the wonders of Costa Rica. Playa Potrero has great lodging and restaurants.  The most respected boutique hotel on this bay is the Bahía Del Sol, situated roughly in the middle of the bay. Bahía Del Sol is a favorite among tourist and locals alike, as many expats in the area come for lunch, for a drink, or to enjoy the pool during the day. 

Directly south of the Bahia Del Sol is the Costa Rica Sailing Center, which offers beach goers great food, a full bar, pool, and access to sail boats, catamarans, paddle boards, and kayaks. The Sailing Center offers fresh grilled seafood and live music to their patrons. They also offer a yearly membership that gives their members discounts on boat and equipment rentals, and also food and drink discounts.  You can also book your scuba diving from this location.  

Situated on the very North end of the bay is Las Brisas, which is a famous restaurant/bar in the area. Las Brisas bar has been in business for 50 years and is well known for their Wednesday night lady’s night, where ladies drink free of charge. During the day, this restaurant has fresh sea served daily and is great place to grab lunch or watch the sunset while eating dinner.  The Beach House is also located on Playa Potrero.  It has a great many featuring fresh fish and burgers.  Definitely a Jimmy Buffett vibe going on at the beach House.  Great Margaritas!

Although not directly on the beach, Las Perla’s, El Castillo, Casa Celeste, Smoking Pig, Numu, and the Shack are some other great restaurants located in the Surfside Estates neighborhood of Playa Potrero. Excellent food, cold drinks, and a sense of camaraderie keep both the locals and the tourists coming back for more. 

The true village center of Playa Potrero is located just inland on the North end of the bay. As any typical Costa Rican town, Potrero has a soccer field in the center of it, and the soccer field is surrounded by homes, stores, restaurants (sodas), and a school.  


Activities in Playa Potrero are nearly too many to list, but we’ll try. 

Playa Potrero has excellent scuba diving operators, with daily trips to the Catalinas Islands. The Catalina Islands exist 10 kilometers (about a 45-minute boat ride) offshore of Playa Potrero Bay, and are a great place to see giant manta rays and whale sharks. Devil rays, spotted-eagle rays, white-tipped reef sharks, and dozens of varieties of tropical fish also can be seen around the Catalina Islands. 

There are 2-3 Catamaran operators that offer daily trips that include cocktails, food and snorkeling. The afternoon tours are popular because they offer the beautiful sunsets on the return to the bay. This is a “must do” if you are visiting Playa Potrero or Playa Flamingo.

There are numerous fun-filled day-trips from Playa Potrero, including a visit to Rincón de la Vieja, a geothermal hotspot and national park that offers fascinating geology and superb hiking. The park has wonderful examples of dry forests and humid forests, and is home to the lake-filled crater of Rincón de la Vieja volcano. Other fun days trips include white-water rafting and tubing, ATV tours, canopy tours, kayak fishing, natural mud-treatment and hot-spring spas, and horseback riding tours.