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Things to do in Punta Islita, Costa Rica.

Those looking for a stress-free lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor hobbies will find Punta Islita to be an appealing option for investment or retirement in Costa Rica. The Punta Islita Executive Course is the perfect place to practice your swing and keep your golf skills sharp. Tennis fans can get in plenty of court time at the Hotel Punta Islita property.

Kayaking enthusiasts will be especially excited about the variety of aquatic environments ready for exploration. Enjoy paddling down the slow-paced Ora River or meandering through the channels of the lush mangroves. Continue straight out to the ocean for sea kayaking at varying levels of difficulty.

Several remote beaches all worth exploring line the coast to the north and south of Punta Islita. The tide pools that form at Playa Pilas are home to sea urchins, tropical fish, crabs, and other aquatic life that kids especially love to discover. Nearby Playa Camaronal is an important turtle nesting ground for four species of turtles and is protected by the government. Night time tours invite guests to see the turtles laying their eggs and the hatching process. All of the beaches are quiet and tranquil, practically unvisited, and the perfect place for some rest and relaxation.

For the ultimate in pampering, one must visit the luxurious Casa Spa in Hotel Punta Islita. With their signature antioxidant body wraps and Mariola bee honey massages, any remnants of stress or tension will quickly melt away. Couples enjoy spa rituals specifically designed for two, while sunbathers won't want to miss a pure hydration facial or body treatment.

Punta Islita's quaint little village has a blossoming art scene that has grown tremendously in just the last few years. A modest museum, the Islita Contemporary Art Museum, showcases the work of local artists, often displaying paper mache, sculptures, paintings, and more. Murals and paintings cover key buildings throughout the town and show off the community's uniquely creative atmosphere. Expatriates who are staying at local vacation rentals or who own a second home are invited to indulge and develop their own creative spirit and help the local arts scene grow even more.

When it comes to amenities, the most basic needs can be found here. For a greater variety of shopping options, Samara has a variety of shops and supermarkets. At about 2 hours away, Liberia is one of Costa Rica's largest cities and offers just about every amenity one could need.