Climate and Location

Climate and Location: Puriscal, Costa Rica.

Puriscal is located 42 kilometers southwest from San Jose and within minutes from Ciudad Colón. Approximately 31,000 inhabitants live in Puriscal and it lies 1,105 meters above sea level.  From the Pacific coast, Puriscal is 77 kilometers north from Parrita, which is the major city located between Jaco and Quepos.

The region enjoys weather similar to the areas of the Central Valley, with an average temperature of 70.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  That said, the temperature you experience can vary slightly depending on your location because Puriscal is built upon a complex mountain system which directly affects the temperature in different parts of the city.Puriscal has two well-defined seasons.  The rainy season (or winter) runs from June through November and the dry season (or summer) runs from December through May.