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For those who actually know of San Joaquin de Flores de Heredia (locally referred to as San Joaquin), its real estate can be a highly sought-after affair. With a population of approximately 16,000 persons, San Joaquin is a small but bustling town due to the commercial businesses lining the main road running between Heredia central and Alajuela. This same road connects to the international airport, making international travel easy and convenient. Notwithstanding the hustle and bustle, if one drives two blocks north into the heart of this wonderful Tico community, tranquility and tree-lined neighborhoods are discovered.   

Real Estate in San Joaquin Heredia

San Joaquin has both simple and larger lovely homes. There are higher end properties for sale within several gated communities in surrounding towns, notably San Lorenzo, which were developed just above in San Joaquin's foothills.

To date, no condominiums have been built in San Joaquin. (For clarification, in Costa Rica the term “condominios” often refers to a group of residences inside private gates. These can be as small as, what North Americans would consider condos, however, the majority are single family homes)  Condominios do, in fact, exist, and some exceptional Costa Rica real estate in the form of condominios can be found in San Joaquin and neighboring towns, offering the opportunity to interact with and befriend the local population.  Larger tracts of land tend to be held closely by local landowners.

Within the center of the community of San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia, smaller homes on the market tend to sell quickly. In part, this is due to the tranquility of the area and its prime location. The main city of Heredia to the east is a quick 10-minute drive, while 15 minutes to the west there exists several large American corporations doing business in Costa Rica. For this reason, many believe that San Joaquin real estate purchased for rental income in this area is a good investment.

As is true of most of the Heredia area, San Joaquin was once covered in coffee fields. Although coffee is still grown here, much of the land has been developed for both residential and commercial use. That being said, there remain large parcles of raw land owned primarily by wealthy Costa Rican families.

Current real estate opportunities also include residences in combination with commercial frontage (i.e., “mixed use” properties) with prices starting at $200,000.00.  Smaller apartment complexes, too, are available for sale. Newer and larger homes, many built to appeal to the upper middle class, are constructed with larger rooms and quality finishes including granite countertops.  These homes typically are priced in the $600,000 - $875,000 range.

Real estate in San Joaquin Heredia provides many opportunities for both the investor and the retiree. Either way, this is a community which holds to its traditional customs while at the same works towards progress for all of its citizens.

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Condominio Valle de Eucaliptos: House for Sale in Valle de Eucaliptos Condominium

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San Joaquín, San Joaquín de Flores, Flores, Heredia, Costa Rica

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  • 5
  • Total Lot Size : 328.00 m² (3,530.55 sq ft)
  • $325,000

House For Sale in San Joaquín

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  • Total Lot Size : 259.00 m² (2,787.84 sq ft)
  • $280,000