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Things to do in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

The community of Santa is inviting, warm and hospitable. With a large number of hotels  in the area, hospitality reigns supreme. Many expat residents make up the area from North America, Europe and beyond. With lots of locals and the traditional Costa Rica culture still intact, you won’t feel like a permanent tourist on vacation.  There’s plenty of room to make yourself at home in Santa Ana.

When you experience the views in Santa Ana, you’ll see why so many people choose to build their houses high up in the mountains.  Modern day buildings and tin-roofed houses make up the magnificent skyline. Views this charming alone make it worthwhile to invest in Costa Rica.          

Many residents take advantage of Santa Ana’s convenience and rarely leave the area for anything other than work or vacation. It’s easy to run errands, shop, visit the dentist, and just enjoy the natural beauty without setting foot outside Santa Ana. It makes a wonderful place for retirement in Costa Rica thanks to the relaxed community and accessibility to necessities.

Santa Ana has the nearby CIMA Hospital, which is a private hospital is located in San Rafael de Escazu. Accredited by both the Costa Rica Ministry of Health and US Department of Veteran Affairs, Hospital CIMA has over 170 physicians with more than 60 specialties.  IN addition, the Clinica Biblica is located in San Jose. Founded in 1921 by missionaries, Clinica Biblica is regarded as one of the premier medical institutions in Latin America.  Many Santa Ana residents use either CIMA or Clinica Biblica as their regular hospital.

Points of Interest and Attractions


Refugio Hepertologico:

This wildlife animal refuge is one of the best ways to see a variety of species without leaving Santa Ana. They take in all kinds of creatures from scarlet macaws to crocodiles who, due to abuse or injuries, can no longer survive in the wild. The Croc’s Café provides yummy snacks, traditional meals like gallo pinto and fresh coffee.

Cerámica Santa Ana


This local arts and crafts center features beautiful hand-made ceramic pieces. Visitors often stop to watch the pieces be made on kick-wheels. Santa Ana is well known throughout the country for their pottery.

Museo de Art Costarricense

El Museo de Arte Costriccense or the Costa Rican Art Museum cannot be missed.  It is located near the Parque La Sabana, just a quick drive from Santa Ana, and features art by Costa Ricans from the 19th century to modern day.


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