Brian Smith

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Brian Smith

Areas Serviced : Atenas, Grecia, Orotina, La Garita (including the prestigious Los Reyes community)

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Whatsapp: : +506 8401-8171

Broker | Atenas Highlands Realty Group

25 years of living and thriving in Costa Rica is but a glimpse of the bigger picture of the many attributes of Brian Smith. Beyond the day-to-day challenges of life in this country, Brian has pursued a specific goal, that of Ambassador to Costa Rica and Protector to all who seek accuracy, valid information and a mindset grounded in helping others achieve their dreams in a place he lovingly calls home!

A bilingual professional with U.S. University credentials, a bustling work ethic and a robust real estate education that can only come from front line duty in two very disparate countries, economies and cultures, Brian brings thoughtful insights and sound expertise that simply cannot be duplicated.

His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, sales process, investment portfolios, construction techniques and genuine life in Costa Rica are next to none. It is his innate curiosity that most benefits clients who turn to him again and again for accurate data, advice and wisdom gleaned over decades.

As a longtime citizen of Costa Rica, Brian prides himself on his comprehension of government, judicial, business, cultural and other varied approaches in Costa Rica, many of which are unique to this country.

A passion for fair play and an honest day’s work may lead Brian’s workday outlook, but it is his profound perception of the nuances of real estate and proficiency that combine to make him a standout agent.  

Credited with one of the first CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) ever conducted in Jaco, Costa Rica, Brian’s goal to help sellers and buyers grasp the intrinsic value of each unique type of ocean view in relation to the beach was finally realized, his expertise acknowledged, and his reputation cemented.

“My mission statement is very simple, direct and succinct” Brian states “Do your client no harm!

“I never forget this guiding principle and the basis by which all ethical decisions will ever be made. It is a guarantee of the sanctity of the profession, the protection of our customers and the fulfillment of a quarter century spent working towards absolute perfection in this field and so it remains to this day.”

And just as Brian works hard, so too is his dedication to his hobbies. He enjoys gourmet cooking, deep sea sportfishing, and enjoying a vigorous gym workout to maintain a strong body and clear mind.