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Life in Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica.

Aguas Zarcas is beautiful, especially at night. It’s a very quiet town, and it’s not uncommon to hear the water running through the hot springs and small rivers in some areas. The locals and couples in the area have each chosen their favorite hot spring to go to as the sun sets. They sit back, a drink in hand, and allow the moon to come over them as they listen to the sounds of the tropical forest.

Aguas Zarcas is also an outdoor-lovers paradise.  Night hiking is popular in Aguas Zarcas, as the night turns the jungle into an exotic place full of animals who were otherwise hidden all day.  There is also a local hotel that organizes tours, including mountain biking, white-water river rafting adventures, and rappelling the 90-foot wall of the Sarapiqui river canyon.  These adventure tours delight residents and tourist time and time again with both the thrill of the adventure and the striking views of the Pozo Azul River.

Shopping of any type is easily accessible a few miles away in Ciudad Quesada, where there are boutiques, cafes, and commercial centers. Aguas Zarcas just got its own new supermarket, Jumbo’s, which is huge, as its name suggests. Nearly every type of food one is looking for is here, making grocery shoping super convenient.

Retires and young families have moved to Aguas Zarcas, as have a few bed & breakfast investors. The area has a small but steady stream of tourists passing through. Tourists and residents alike enjoy a meal at Hacienda Pozo Azul, a restaurant surrounded with jungle foliage. Hacienda Pozo Azul prides itself on buying from local farmers, and many of their products are organic, including the heart of palm, yucca, bananas, and strawberries. The tilapia is from the farm next door, and all of the meat is from animals who were raised without hormones. The chef has 20 years of experience developing his “Nouveau Cuisine.”


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