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Reserva Conchal: Luxury Living in a Clean, Green Space

Explore the current and upcoming residential developments at Reserva Conchal, one of the most exclusive
beachfront resorts in all of Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica’s New Digital Nomad Visa

A new Costa Rican law rolls out the red carpet for “digital nomads,” with a one-year visa, an easier application
process and great driving benefits.

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Buying Property Held in a Corporation

In Costa Rica it’s common for real estate to be held in a corporation — of which 100% of the shares are owned
by a person — rather than the person owning the property directly. 

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Obtaining Residency in Costa Rica

Obtaining residency in Costa Rica is not simple, cheap or fast, but for anyone planning on staying here a few
years, it should be considered virtually essential.

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HOA Expenses in Costa Rica

The concept in Costa Rica is basically the same as anywhere else: All the owners in a condominium
development must pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of the common property.

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Why Investment Real Estate in Costa Rica Makes Sense

Six reasons why investing in Costa Rican real estate makes sense right now.

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The Top 7 Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica

Those looking for a retirement destination are attracted to Costa Rica’s well-established infrastructure, low
crime rates, excellent healthcare and overall quality of life.

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What to Consider When Moving to Costa Rica

From the pleasant climate to the incredible wildlife to the slower pace of life, expats easily fall in love with
this tropical Central American country.

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Private Schools in Guanacaste

One of the greatest advantages of educating your children in Costa Rica is the international, multicultural,
polyglot environment. 

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Want to Learn About Healthcare in Costa Rica? Have a Baby!

I’m in a unique position to compare Costa Rica’s healthcare system with that of the United States, since I
birthed one baby in each country, 16 months apart. Yes, I was busy!

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Animal Rescue and Krain in Costa Rica

From donations to volunteering to bottle-feeding abandoned babies, there’s so much that can be done to save
animals in Costa Rica.