Commerce and Industry

Business and Economic Growth in Alajuela Costa Rica

Alajuela has experienced massive growth in the last 20 years.  Many major companies are located in Alajuela, including Continental Automotive Systems, COVIDIEN Manufacturing Solutions, General Microcircuits, Precision Concepts, The Seat Cover Factory, Veridiam Medical, and many others.

Alajuela has a rural side also.  Alajuela and its surrounding agricultural areas produce sugar cane, coffee, beans, tobacco, flowers and ornamental plants, citrus fruits, and strawberries.  In addition, pig farms, dairy farms, apiculture, and poultry farming are major economic industries in Alajuela.

During the last decade the development of “Free Zone” parks, which are specific economic zones where companies are taxed very lightly or not at all to encourage economic activity, have spurred economic growth.  Major industry companies like Dos Pinos (a major dairy-product producer in Central America) have flourished in Alajuela.