Geography and Commerce

Information about the Geography and Commerce of Atenas, Costa Rica

Situated in the highlands of central Costa Rica, Atenas is situated on the long mountain slopes common in this area. Its unique location and amenities make this place truly remarkable!

The base of the mountain lies along Route 27, the modern highway to beach, airport, and Central Valley, that was constructed by the Costa Rica government specifically to assist travelers to access these areas quickly. Here can be found the more level parts of the town with wider streams, blooming flowers, and fields of tropical fruit trees. Cattle farms are scattered about while modern roads make it fast and easy to access the highway and the roads into central Atenas.

The town center is located about halfway up the mountain to take advantage of the landforms, sunny days, and awesome spring-like breezes. Surrounded by coffee fields, mango, banana, avocado and other popular fruit trees, Atenas is situated perfectly to travel to other parts of Costa Rica without sacrificing its small-town vibe. Here one can find many different types of restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, hardware stores, cell phone and computer locations, specialty shops, pet stores, pharmacies, banks, modern medical and dental offices along with car repair shops. There’s even a place to get your blender repaired or locate that hard-to-find part!

The upper slopes and peaks above the town center offer the most breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including the four main volcanoes of the Central Valley:  Poas, Barva, Irazu, and Turrialba.   The peaks towering about Atenas offer staggering vistas of the Pacific Ocean along with the Nicoya Bay and Peninsula. Magnificent!

Atenas is well known for producing fruits and vegetables in abundance. A visit to the famous farmer’s market is filled with a nearly endless variety of nature’s bounty. Sweet onions, varieties of mushrooms, watermelon, avocado, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, ginger, lemons, leeks, fennel and so many more make “La Feria” a truly fun weekly adventure. And don’t forget the local artisans that produce unique clothing, shoes, specialty items and more while others pride themselves on the delicious homemade orange and other fruit juices, local candies, iced fruits, and treats made nearby with happy children and satisfied customers in mind.

The transformation of Atenas’ commerce can be seen in many ways. Still a livestock management stronghold and a tourist mecca with modern comfortable hotels and accommodations with fabulous views and natural backdrops, the town has incorporated more investment in specialty products such as colorful blooming flowers, unique styles of furniture, modernized construction, refrigeration units, and even electric vehicle updates are found here.