Community and Culture

Community and Culture in Bagaces, Costa Rica.

Bagaces has a much more traditional Guanacaste culture than other parts of the province. Ticos are world reknown as some of the friendliest people in the world, and they more than live up to this reputation in Bagaces. Hospitality, family, and patriotism are highly valued by locals. Take time to greet others and shoot the breeze. You’ll be rewarded with a quick friend and an introduction to Costa Rica’s warm community.

The closest major hospitals will be found in Liberia, and Liberia offers three high quality private hospitals:

Hospital San Rafael de Arcangel once began as a doctor’s office and has now expanded to a full private hospital to serve the residents of Guanacaste.  It has become one of the most (if not the most) prestigious hospitals in all of Guanacaste.

Hospital CIMA opened a new branch in Liberia in 2012. CIMA is a private hospital that offers first-class medical care and the latest in medical technology.

Clinica Biblica Hospital offers a mini-private hospital with bilingual doctors, over 30 specialties, a laboratory and pharmacy in their Liberia location.

As for things to do in and around Bagaces, the Palo Verde National Park is a must see.  This national park contains a large part of the Temisque River Valley and is also a conservation area. Considered one of Guancaste’s most beautiful dry forests, opportunities are ripe for bird-watching, spotting white-faced monkeys, and nature photography.