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This canton has one of the largest tribal reservations in all of Costa Rica.

Life in Buenos Aires


This canton has one of the largest tribal reservations in all of Costa Rica.  The Boruca tribe has lived here since before the 15th century.  The reservation is 12 miles southeast of the capital town or Buenos Aires.  It encompasses 60 square miles and extends into the Talamanca Mountains.   The Boruca tribe holds a three day long New Year’s festival for the community, called the “Juego de los Diablos.”

The people in the rest of Buenos Aires are used to hosting travelers. They are friendly and welcoming.  They hold their town close to heart and value its somewhat remote location, fully understanding why those seeking an “off the beaten path” experience would want to visit or move to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is great for the adventurous because of its proximity to Chirripo National Park and the  La Amistad International Park.  It’s right in the middle of a world of adventure.  If all that adventure leaves you thirsty, just stop at one of the “Pipa Fria” stands for a cold coconut water.

Buenos Aires is the real Costa Rica.  It accepts tourists but isn’t overcrowded by them.  It’s full of traditional restaurants that have been family run for generations.  They serve exceptional food at unbelievably low prices.  Some of the best restaurants in the town are El Azteca, Parripollo, Chompy’s House, and Terra Luna.  It’s doubtful anyone will figure out the secret recipe for fried chicken at Parripollo or be able to replicate the sopa Azteca from El Azteca. Picnics in the shady Parque Central town park are also common.


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