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Cahuita: Costa Rica’s Caribbean Gem

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The quiet, laid back town of Cahuita hints at what life in Puerto Viejo must have been like before the tourists discovered its now famous surf break. While the town does bring in tourists hoping to observe sloths and monkeys in the jungle and snorkel the vibrant reef, it holds onto its authenticity and its Caribbean roots. 

Real Estate in Cahuita

In terms of real estate in Cahuita, Cahuita is just 27 miles south of the city of Limon and 10 miles north of the popular surf town Puerto Viejo, but still borders the Cahuita National Park, making it an ideal location and blend of development versus untouched, natural beauty. Cahuita’s magnificent coral reefs make it a perfect place for those seeking to enjoy diving and snorkeling, or seeking to own a business that thrives off of excellent diving and snorkeling. Lots near the Cahuita National Park basically guarantee that there will be no future developments near the lots and offer a privacy and jungle feel that is hard to find in today’s rapidly developing world. In addition, further north along the coast towards Limon has plenty of land with beach access for those looking to build and invest.

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