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Climate and Location Cañas Costa Rica

Cañas is located in the northwestern-most province of Costa Rica, Guanacaste. The town is situated just a few short blocks from the Interamericana Highway, south of Liberia. Depending on the day's traffic, travel to Costa Rica's capital, San Jose, could take you roughly 3 hours, and getting to Liberia, the largest city in the area, takes less than an hour. All travel is directly off the country's largest highway, the Interamericana, which incidentally starts in Alaska and runs all the way through North and South America. A current expansion project is taking place along the Interamericana between Cañas and Liberia, widening the highway to four lanes and cutting down travel time significantly, in addition to making major improvements to road quality.

If you're traveling internationally, you can opt to use the nearby Daniel Oduber International Airport, located about an hour and ten minutes away just outside of Liberia. (This route may be down to as little as 45 minutes once the highway updates are completed in 2015.) Daily flights to numerous cities in the U.S., Europe, other Latin American Cities, and Costa Rica's capital, San Jose, make it easy to travel wherever you need to go.

Cañas makes an ideal starting point for travel to many popular locations and tourist attractions in the northwestern part of Costa Rica. To the east, a scenic drive around Lake Arenal may have you feeling for a moment that you're visiting Switzerland or some other faraway European nation. Pay a visit to La Fortuna's famous hot springs and you'll take in stunning views of the rain forest and an active volcano that once buried a city as you feel your stress melt away. Head southwest for just half an hour and you'll arrive at Palo Verde National Park, home to some of the country's best birding. There's no shortage of fun day and weekend activities within a scenic and easy drive from Cañas, whether you're looking for some quality alone time with your partner or a family-friendly outing that will keep the whole crew entertained.


Due to its location in the Guanacaste region, Cañas gets far less rain than most of the country and is hot and dry year-round. It is notorious for keeping its residents dry while everyone else in the country gets daily rainfall during the rainy season, between April and December. If one were to see tumbleweeds in Costa Rica, it would be in the fields or dirt roads around the Cañas area.


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