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Things to do in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica.

Ciudad Colon doesn't appear in any of the guide books or on tourist maps, and the locals like it that way. A small, traditional town serves as the center of Ciudad Colon. In true Costa Rican style, a lovely church sits at the head of the town's main soccer field. Around its edges and along the nearby streets there are a number of small businesses, such as bakeries, corner stores, and restaurants. Local families with young children and expatriates are equally at home in the bustle of this small town.

Ciudad Colon's unique charm lies in the areas outside of town. As you get further from the town itself, you'll notice that you're driving on an incline. During a scenic drive, passersby get a glimpse of the modern properties available in this area. Before you know it, you'll be looking out over some incredible views of the valley below.

Ciudad Colon has an impressively varied expatriate community. While out to dinner, don't be surprised to find yourself sitting next to people from Italy, Germany, the United States, and other countries around the world. The United Nations University for Peace is located a few kilometers outside town. Students who are working to obtain their master's degrees in areas related to the environment, peace, international law, gender, and other socially important areas add to the culturally diverse community.


One of Costa Rica's leading hospitals, Hospital CIMA, is located just 10 minutes away from Ciudad Colon. This world-class hospital just opened its doors several years ago and is the leading private medical facility in this area of the country. The hospital offers every type of medical care you would expect in a modern facility, including routine care, laboratory services, emergency care, surgical care, and more. Medical tourism is increasingly popular at Hospital CIMA, and the surrounding property has many upscale dining and shopping options, including Max Mara, Starbucks, IMAX movie theater, and many other well known establishments.

Surrounding Area

The town of Ciudad Colon has many small, locally owned stores that offer everything from seamstress services to gardening supplies to basic groceries. For a more cosmopolitan shopping experience, residents go to the nearby towns of Escazu and Santa Ana, both within a 10- to 20-minute drive. In Escazu, the country's leading mall, Multiplaza, is home to dozens of well known stores, including Nike, Zara, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Guess, and many more. The mall also boasts a large food court and a variety of more upscale dining options, plus a movie theater. Automercado, also within the mall, is a well-stocked, American-style grocery store that has many products that cannot be found elsewhere in Costa Rica. For a true urban experience, one can arrive in downtown San Jose within a half an hour. The public market, crafts and arts zones, Chinatown, and a pedestrian-only shopping district are a few of the major highlights for shopping and entertainment in the capital. Countless restaurants in San Jose offer everything from traditional Costa Rican meals to authentic international cuisine.