Exotic Forest: A sanctuary of unparalleled natural wealth

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  • $1,999,000
  • Active
  • Listing ID : LL2400054
  • Puerto Jimenez, Bahía Ballena, Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Countryside, Ocean-Vicinity
  • Reserve/Protected Area
  • Eastern View, Mountain View, Northern View, Ocean View, Southern View, Western View, Wooded View
  • Total Lot Size : 5.31 ha (13.12 acre)

Located in Playa Piro, within the Puerto Jiménez district on the Osa Peninsula, this property is a sanctuary of unparalleled natural wealth. It is situated outside the Osa Mixed Wildlife Refuge and boasts unrestricted construction opportunities amidst lush, ancient forests. Just 15 minutes from the breathtaking Playa Piro and 20 minutes from Playa Karate, it offers a rare connection to pristine nature.

While lacking conventional utilities, residents can harness solar energy, with a natural spring providing potable water. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, the property's primary forest hosts an array of invaluable species, enriching the local ecosystem. This property epitomizes a sanctuary for those seeking to live in harmony with nature, embracing its unrivaled biodiversity and tranquility.

More about this property

The property located in Playa Piro, within the district of Puerto Jiménez on the Osa Peninsula, is a natural treasure in itself. Despite being outside the Osa Mixed Wildlife Refuge, it is immersed in a privileged wooded environment without construction restrictions. Just 15 minutes from the stunning Playa Piro and 20 minutes from the charming Playa Karate, this property offers a unique connection to the region's pristine nature.

Although it lacks electricity and running water services, residents can harness solar energy through solar panels, a common practice among neighbors. Additionally, it has a spring of potable water on-site, ensuring a vital supply for those who choose to inhabit it.

The property stands out for its privacy and tranquility, as it has no neighbors. A lush variety of flora and fauna, a distinctive feature of the Osa Peninsula, surrounds it. Its predominantly primary and ancient forest is a refuge for diverse valuable species enriching the local ecosystem.

In summary, this property in Playa Piro represents a true gem for those seeking to live in harmony with nature, enjoying the serenity and biodiversity that only this unique region can offer.

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