Climate and Location

Climate and Location in Dominical, Costa Rica.

Dominical’s three mile long beach is located on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast, just a one-hour drive from the popular tourist destination of Manuel Antonio. Reaching Dominical is relatively easy as it sits just off of the Costanera Sur paved highway connecting it with Quepos (which has an airport with connecting flights all over the country).  Dominical is surrounded by lush national parks, including Marino Ballena National Park where visitors come to watch whales and dolphins migrate north, the Chirripo National Park with treks to the tallest peak in Costa Rica, and the famous Manuel Antonio National Park located just one hour away.



Dominical’s temperature averages in the mid-to-high eighties throughout the year and has a distinct dry and rainy season that corresponds with the rest of the Pacific Coast. However, it tends to be much more humid than the Nicoya Peninsula. Rainfall is low from December through April, but the region remains lush yearlong with some rain. September is typically the rainiest month of the year, but, even in September, there is still sun throughout the day with heavy showers in the afternoon or evenings.



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