Location and Climate

Location and Climate: Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

In addition to the bay itself, the term "Drake Bay" refers to the area located on the northern coast of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. The small beachfront town of Drake serves as its northern boundary, with the small bay covering the area to the south of town. The Osa Peninsula is located on the southernmost part of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, just north of the border with Panama.

A small airstrip and daily flights to and from the capital, San Jose, make it easy to reach civilization when necessary. Charter flights are available for transport to other areas of the country. Travel via boat in the Drake area is quite common when visiting other towns or establishments on the Osa Peninsula. Driving from Drake Bay to San Jose might take in the vicinity of 6 hours, depending on the weather and a number of other factors. On a whole, the Osa Peninsula is most definitely not known for its accessibility. It's worth noting that most visitors arrive via boat. 

Drake Bay, along with the rest of the Osa Peninsula, is known for its heat and humidity. Though the rainy season technically runs from April through November in most of Costa Rica, rain is to be expected at any time in Drake Bay. Remember, it is thanks to this regular rainfall that the landscape is a constant vibrant green and always teeming with wildlife.


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