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Lifestyle and Activities in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

If you dream of wild jungle living when you think about investing in Costa Rica, Drake Bay should certainly be on your list of places to consider. There isn't much as far as a town goes, which is just fine with the locals. Most restaurants are located on the grounds of the area's scattered eco-lodges, and there are just a few, small businesses throughout the area. Residents have items brought in via delivery or venture out to larger towns when in need of more substantial shopping.

There's no shortage of activities to keep the free-spirited individual busy, though on the other end of the spectrum, many who seek utter peace and relaxation during their vacation or retirement in Costa Rica most definitely can accomplish that goal in the Drake Bay area. A lot of the activity for locals and those who have built homes near Drake Bay revolve around the sea. Just off shore, one of Costa Rica's most famous snorkeling destinations, Isla del Caño, is home to an incredible variety of fish. The mischievously named Devil's Rock diving zone features an underwater mountain range where barracuda, puffer fish, parrotfish, sharks, and many other exotic species can be found. The coral reef and rock formations at Playa San Josecito are a sight unto themselves, let alone the amazingly diverse aquatic life that inhabits the area.

SCUBA diving and snorkeling aren't the only ways to enjoy nature near Drake Bay. Kayaking and canoeing through the mangroves and winding rivers always proves rewarding. Whale and dolphin watching tours remind visitors and residents that Drake holds the unique honor of having the longest humpback whale season in the world, with whales migrating both north and south nearly all year long. Beach lounging on Playa Cocalitos or any of the other pristine beaches is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Those who are looking to catch their own dinner or even strive for a record catch will be thrilled to get in on the action going on offshore at Drake Bay. Yellowfin tuna, rooster fish, sailfish, marlin, and other highly sought species of fish can be caught here year-round. 

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