Florencia, Costa Rica

Florencia : Suburban Living with Natural Hot Springs

Florencia is known for its plethora of natural hot springs and spas. An upscale suburb of Cuidad Quesada, Florencia offers its residents the opportunity to work professionally in nearby Quesada, yet return to a peaceful place where jungle mud baths and aromatherapy are common. 

All local trade goes through Quesada, meaning jobs are available close to fabulous Florencia. Being so near the business world, there is a professionalism to Florencia, giving the town an old-world and sophisticated charm.

Real Estate in Florencia

 Due to the availability of building materials in the area, and the fact that labor and materials are inexpensive, the current trend in Florencia is to buy lots on which one can build his or her dream home. Nice lots can be obtained in Florencia from as low as $35,000.

For those who prefer homes that are already built, there are updated homes featuring three bedrooms for around $180,000. Almost all of the homes are designed in wood, though some of the new ones have taken on more modern finishes. Vacation rentals and hotels are not as popular in Florencia, as Florencia caters to more residents than tourists. 

Hotel/Resort/Hostel For Sale in Quesada

Hotel/Resort/Hostel — Commercial Sale

Quesada, Alajuela, Costa Rica

This hotel/resort/hostel is located in Quesada, Alajuela, Costa Rica, in county. This property with city view is situated in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. The land area of this hotel/resort/hostel is 1,354.00 square meter (14,574.28...

  • 46
  • 48
  • Total Lot Size : 1,354.00 m² (14,574.28 sq ft)
  • $3,952,000

House For Sale in Florencia

House — Residential Sale

Florencia, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica

This house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is located in Florencia, Alajuela Costa Rica, in the county of San Carlos. This property with mountain and greenbelt views is situated in this part of Costa Rica. The land area of this house is...

  • 3
  • 3
  • Total Lot Size : 1,009.00 m² (10,860.74 sq ft)
  • $140,000

Home Construction Site For Sale in Aguas Zarcas

Home Construction Site — Land Listing

Aguas Zarcas, Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica

This home construction site is located in Aguas Zarcas, Alajuela, Costa Rica, in San Carlos county. This property with mountain view is situated in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. The land area of this home construction site is a total of...

  • Total Lot Size : 4,001.00 m² (43,066.23 sq ft)
  • $67,000