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Things to do in Golfito, Costa Rica.

Golfito earned its reputation as a hard working banana processing center in the early 20th century. When that business ended in the 1980s, the government stepped in to ensure the local economy would thrive, creating a tax free shopping complex with bargain pricing on everything from clothing to appliances to liquor. Ticos (that's what native Costa Ricans affectionately call themselves) flock here throughout the year and especially for holiday shopping in December for a fun weekend shopping trip at the edge of the jungle.

There's a certain old world charm and worn out look to Golfito that reminds visitors of its past glory days. Its atmosphere is changing as in the know investors turn to Golfito real estate for unique building and remodeling opportunities in this remote area of Costa Rica. Someone in this position can very easily spend their days relaxing or exploring this tropical environment and their evenings enjoying a meal while swapping fishing stories with adventurous travelers or fellow expatriates who have chosen retirement in Costa Rica.



The area surrounding Golfito is known as El Golfo Dulce, or "the Sweet Gulf" in English. Quiet beaches, peaceful mangroves, upscale lodges tucked away along the shores it's not hard to see why those who are looking for a relaxing retreat away from the stresses of modern day life find this area so irresistible.

There are plenty of activities, besides all that shopping, to keep individuals and families who visit or move here busy. There is an abundance of local waterfalls and hiking trails to visit, ranging from well manicured trails to wildly overgrown paths. Adventure seekers can take up horseback riding, try out ziplining, or make fishing a part of their weekly or daily routine. Golfito is a popular stop along the journey for yachting enthusiasts who hop along the Pacific Coast. Between yacht travelers, visiting sport fishermen, and locals, there is never a shortage of boating enthusiasts in town. Traveling between local spots via water taxi is the norm here.

Across the bay from Golfito, the Osa Peninsula has been named one of the most biologically intense places on Earth. Also nearby, the Piedras Blancas National Park consists of untouched tropical forest and secondary forest. Directly behind the town of Golfito, arriving directly to the coast, the Golfito Wildlife Reserve is home to all the wildlife this area is known for, but without all the crowds you'll find at the major national parks. Costa Rica is home to four species of monkeys and five species of big cat; all can be spotted here.

There are a handful of beachfront open-air restaurants and bars in Golfito, and, naturally, the dress code and atmosphere is always casual. A few local hotels have small casinos, so you can always test your luck during a night out on the town. The Casa Roland Marina Resort has tennis courts, squash courts, and a lovely pool. They also have a spa to ensure you get plenty of pampering in addition to all of those action-packed adventures.

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