Activities and things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco offers a fun, yet laid back lifestyle with some of the perks you'd expect from city living. The large, 2 ½ mile beach has a relatively quiet feel when compared to the town itself.  Every morning it comes to life as people go out jogging, walking their dogs, and getting their daily exercise along the shore. Not to be outdone by their more active counterparts, plenty of people simply lie on the beach's dark-colored sand and soak up the sun as soon as it starts to rise.

The town's main street runs parallel to the ocean and is home to all types of businesses. There are plenty of souvenir stands, art stores, and other shops that make it a pleasure to shop your way through town. They offer fair trade coffee, clothing, and paintings done by local artists.  One of the greatest perks of living in Jaco may be having access to all kinds of cuisine that can be very difficult to find in other parts of the country. Whether you feel like visiting an Argentinean steakhouse, a Japanese sushi bar, or a Southwestern-style taco restaurant, you'll find it all in Jaco. 

Jaco has a far-reaching reputation for being the place to go if you want to have a good time.  Some even consider it the “mini” version of the United States’ Las Vegas.  As a result, there are no shortage of tourists seeking vacation rentals in the area, and Jaco’s real estate offers a variety of investment opportunities for those looking to own an income-producing property.  Numerous bars and clubs along the main road serve cold beer and play all kinds of music late into the night–or morning. Party-seekers won't be disappointed in the thriving nightlife that draws a crowd every day of the week. 

Jaco also boasts a small, but growing arts scene. It has an active theater that regularly puts on shows at its downtown location. Across the street, there's a movie theater that shows Hollywood blockbusters, often in English with Spanish subtitles. A new holiday arts festival has been launched in the last few years and features local handicrafts and artwork, and the talent of regional artists is evident in the artwork displayed in galleries and souvenir ships along the town's main road, Avenida Pastor Diaz.

Still, this booming beach town is best known for its incredible surfing. Thousands of tourists arrive each year to learn at one of the area's numerous surf schools or to put their existing skills to the test. Non-surfers fear not; there are plenty of other activities and sports to pursue. Standup paddle-boarding, kayaking, sports-fishing, and horseback riding are all popular in the area.

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