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Los Chiles, Costa Rica

Los Chiles : The Northern Town Near Nicaragua

Graced with gorgeous natural river banks, Los Chiles is located on the San Carlos Plain, just nine miles from the border of Nicaragua. Los Chiles is a center for agriculture as well as sportfishing along the Rio Frio River. This river is also used for transportation between the small villages of the area.  Los Chiles is the perfect location for those wanting to live in Costa Rica’s rich, beautiful environment but still have easy access to Nicaragua’s stunning views, low prices, and beautiful cities, such as Granada.  

Real Estate in Los Chiles


The views from some Los Chiles homes can go on forever. Expansive and breathtaking, the views even have tropical birds flying right past open windows on their way to the water. The farms in the area are large and plentiful.  Some homes have views overlooking the neatly lined rows of  farmland, while others see the river or the park.

While the views are great, the houses in the area remain simple and basic, likely due to the remoteness of this region. Vacation rentals in the area include hotels and motels that go for about $45 a night.  There are opportunities for large countryside resorts in this area.   



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