Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Manzanillo, Costa Rica.

Manzanillo itself lacks international schools for kids, however there are a few close by. Playa Chiquita is less than ten miles away and has the private school Mi Jardin for children ages two to six. The school aims to teach children to become creators and free thinkers. They also place a strong emphasis on connecting with nature and are a short walk to the Playa Chiquita beach. The Centro Educativo, also in Playa Chiquita, teaches children up to age six. They work with the Costa Rican educational system but adapt it to meet children’s individual needs, focusing on the environment, creativity, and spiritual growth. In Playa Negra, about twelve miles from Manzanillo, is the Waldorf School Sea Heart, which teaches kids ages two through six and promotes holistic learning. Classes are taught bilingually and promote holistic learning.

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