Commerce and Industry

Business and Economy in Moravia San Jose, Costa Rica.

San Vicente de Moravia is a small but very complete city where one has no problem finding excellent medical services, banks, veterinary services, shopping centers, dozens of restaurants, and several grocery stores.

Since Moravia is located minutes away from downtown San Jose, you will find similar businesses developing in this area. You will also find various types of mini malls in downtown San Vicente de Moravia, with the largest shopping mall being Lincoln Plaza, home to over 150 stores and including movie theaters and a large food court. 

A large part of the outer areas of Moravia are dedicated to agricultural activities, including producing coffee, beans, fruits, and vegetables. However, these activities have decreased in the last years due to the urbanization of the area. Furthermore, Moravia is well known for the manufacturing of leather products made by hand, and several souvenir stores can still be found in Moravia selling these beautiful and authentic items.