Getting to and from Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Nicoya is located near the center of the Nicoya Peninsula, which occupies the northwestern-most corner of Costa Rica. It is one of few sizable towns located inland; nearly all populated areas on the peninsula lie along the coast. Reaching Nicoya from "mainland" Costa Rica is easy, thanks to the Friendship Bridge, which crosses over the upper Nicoya Golf and Tempisque River. Travel time between Nicoya and Costa Rica's capital, San Jose, takes about 3.5 hours on average.

Surrounding Area

Nicoya lies in a somewhat isolated area rarely frequented by visitors. Those who come to the area do so as they pass by on to more prominent destinations, such as the beaches of Nosara and Samara. Investors in the Nicoya area have a great home base from which to explore the Nicoya Peninsula in all directions around them. There are a number of inland destinations less than an hour away, including the larger, cowboy-influenced town of Santa Cruz and the country's leading handmade pottery production center, a very small town named Guatil. The nearby Diria National Park features primary tropical dry forest and makes for a fantastically uncrowded day trip in the jungle. An hour's drive along the main road heading east will take you to Barra Honda National Park, which is Costa Rica’s only spot for spelunking and underground cavern exploration by the public.

The biggest draw of the Nicoya Peninsula are the numerous beach towns that line the entire coast. Some are nearly impossible to reach, requiring a tough 4x4 off-roading vehicle and the knowledge and patience to navigate over some truly difficult paths. Others feature paved roads the entire way, allowing you to pull right up to the ocean’s edge and be in the water–or at an oceanside restaurant or lounge–within seconds. Nosara Beach, to the southwest, is an internationally recognized destination for yoga instruction and is a hidden gem popular with upscale American and European travelers. The stretch of coast below Nosara is home to over a dozen beautiful beaches, making this a fantastic area for beach-hopping. Near the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Mal Paiz and Santa Teresa boast aquamarine waters, soft sand, tide pools, and incredible scenery, earning them the reputation of being two of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches.

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