Lifestyle and Community

Things to do in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Like the rest of Costa Rica, Nosara is predominantly Spanish speaking.  Still, those who have yet to master the spanish language need not fear; English is spoken as well, allowing everyone to enjoy and live in Nosara with minimum inconvenience.  Expats from all over the world have lent their own flavor to the landscape, making Nosara a truly international experience.  Tico cuisine, music, and art can be found in Nosara, along with Thai and Italian restaurants, organic health cafes, and American yoga studios.


The community of Nosara has a public library with a collection of over 6000 books in English and Spanish. The library offers public computer use, community workshops, and meeting rooms.

A weekly farmer’s market on Tuesday mornings sells organic meat, produce, bread, and dairy to the community of Nosara. A delivery service called Rainbow Organic has customers pre-order farm box produce online. Organic Deli-Mart in Playa Guiones sells organic produce, bulk spices and nuts, and healthy ready made food alongside Western comforts.

Nosara Nannies are experienced, speak English, and watch children of all ages.

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