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Things to do in Orosi, Costa Rica.

Despite the smalls size of Orosí, it’s difficult to find yourself bored and at a loss for activities. The small town caters to guests and residents with hot springs, language classes, ecotourism and authentic Costa Rican restaurants.

The Orosí Church:  This colonial style church is the major landmark of the area. In fact, it is the oldest church still in use in all of Costa Rica. Built in the 1743, the church features a wooden altar, Mexican religious paintings and a small museum. Beautiful gardens make for a nice walk around the commons of the church.

Balnerio Orosí Hot Springs Spa:  This spa features a restaurant, bar, basketball court, soccer field, and four swimming pools. The mineral waters are thought to be healing by many, and this spa is certainly the perfect atmosphere to relax and renew oneself. These thermal springs provide the indulgence and luxury of a beachfront resort without the hefty price tag.

Újarras Ruins:  The site of Újarras Ruins holds historical importance. Located right along the Cachi lake and dam, this site contains the ruins of the country’s oldest church. The Spanish church was constructed around 1580 and abandoned in 1833, after a tremendous flooding of the local village.  The Újarras Ruins are a magical place, and many people come here for an afternoon to bask in the sun, enjoy the gardens, and to picnic with their family.  For those not bringing a picnic lunch with them, there is a nearby vendor offering delicious, hot meals to eat near the ruins.

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