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Things to do in Papagayo, Costa Rica.

You can’t mention Papagayo and not remark on the views.  Guanacaste is thought by many to be the most beautiful part of the country, and Papagayo is a stand out with a curving coastline, aqua marine waters, and lush, green hills.  Expect to see howler monkeys, parakeets (or papagayo, for which the peninsula is named), iguanas, and more.  

For those who choose to reside in Papagayo, they have more animal neighbors than human ones.  Nature enthusiasts, resort staff, tourists, and a handful of expats make most of the community in Papagayo.  Thanks to the government’s protection of the area, you’re most likely to find likeminded people who appreciate and respect the area’s natural beauty.

While celebrity visitors are frequent, Papagayo maintains the local laidback, Pura Vida vibe. The true riches here are the flora and fauna.  Spend time here and you’ll see why Costa Rica was named “the rich coast.” The Guanacaste culture is prominent with an overall atmosphere of the cowboy’s expansive wild west.

Points of Interest and Attractions

With over 400 species of wildlife and some of the world’s best beaches, there’s always something to do and see in Papagayo.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, zip lining and more are all available for the adventurous traveler.  Resorts offer all inclusive tour packages, as well as spa services for the ultimate relaxation.       

Palo Verde National Park

Located in the part of the valley of Tempisque river, the Palo Verde National Park contains 15 topographical zones including marshes and mangroves.  An ever favorite of bird watchers, the park receives visitors year round.


Again, services in this area are remote, but nearby Liberia offers two high quality private hospitals including the prestigious San Rafael de Arcangel, a Hosptial CIMA branch, and a Clinica Biblica Hospital branch. 

Hospital San Rafael de Arcangel has now expanded to a full private hospital to serve the residents of Guanacaste.  With a full-service emergency room, bilingual doctors, and over 15 specialties, Hospital San Rafael de Arcangel is a favorite among many local expats.

Hospital CIMA opened a new branch in Liberia in 2012. CIMA is a private hospital that offers first-class medical care and the latest in medical technology.

Clinica Biblica Hospital offers a mini-private hospital with bilingual doctors, over 30 specialties, a laboratory and pharmacy in their Liberia location.

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