Location and Climate

Climate Info and Getting to Pavas and Rohrmoser.

Pavas is also home to one of the nicest and well known neighborhoods in Costa Rica: Rohrmoser. Rohrmoser is a large neighborhood that extends approximately four kilometers from the west side of Parque La Sabana to the Tobias Bolaños Airport. For decades, Rohrmoser has been considered an upscale, affluent neighborhood.  

Parque La Sabana is a lovely place for outdoor activities. Parque La Sabana is mostly visited by people looking to exercise, relax, or to release stress in a green, fresh area. Here you will find barbecue areas, basketball courts, soccer fields, a baseball field, and even a skate park where people from all ages enjoy the great hobby of skating. La Sabana is home to the National Stadium where many enjoy exciting soccer matches and international concerts year round. La Sabana is located walking distance from both Pavas and Rohrmoser.

Ease of Travel

Another nice advantage of living in the Pavas-Rohrmoser neighborhood is the ease at which one can travel to any part of San Jose or the country. Ruta 27—the highway that will take you Puntarenas—is a few blocks away. The Carretera Interamericana Norte is also close if you are looking to visit places like Arenal, Monte Verde, or certain areas of Guanacaste. Rohrmoser also boasts its own airport. The Tobias Bolaños Airport allows Rohrmoser and San Jose residents to move easily to other parts of the country; Costa Rica is quite small, so flying from San Jose to Guanacaste or Limon takes less than an hour flight. This airport also services emergency flights when medical services are required or preferred in San Jose.