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The oldest neighborhood in Pejibaye.

Life in Pejibaye

Plaza Vieja is the oldest neighborhood in Pejibaye.  In the 1940s, the land was producing coffee and sugar cane, and the land was divided among the 70 families that worked it.  Now, since the price for coffee and sugar has decreased, Pejibaye has shifted from agriculture to tourism.

The growing tourism industry in the area has the Pejibaye River to thank.  People come from towns near and far to ride the white water rapids.  There’s also a gentler area of the river that is suitable for family rafting and kayaking. The upper portion of the Pejibaye River is for expert rafters and kayakers who can handle class 3 and 4 rapids.

Pejibaye has six different waterfalls which the locals enjoy on weekends.  They also regularly hike, bike, or horseback ride through the cloud forest areas of Pejibaye.  There are nearby wildlife reservations which are home to large cats, monkeys, red frogs, and the blue morpho butterfly.  The Tapanti National Park contains the Orosi River and 45 mammal species, including tapirs, pacas, and jaguarundis.  Bird watchers are intrigued by this park, as it has 400 bird species.

The whole town is picturesque and natural.  In addition, it has amenities like a police force, an internet cafe, shops, and restaurants.  It seems the favorite restaurant among most locals is Pejiballe Restaurant, which serves “comida tipica,” or traditional Costa Rican dishes. It’s found on the same block as Internet Cafe Nino.

The whole town looks forward to the National Pejibaye Festival, held 15 minutes away in Tucurrique. This takes place over two weekends in October. The event is all about the Pejibaye, or peach palm fruit. It tastes like a mix between baked potatoes and roasted chestnuts. They are served boiled, with sour cream, in creamy bisques, cakes, breads, jellies, and even in liquors. Besides offering tastings of pejibaye in every form, the carnival also provides rides on tractors and oxcarts, children’s rides, folkloric dancing, contests, rodeos, and fireworks.

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