Climate and Location

Scattered between the popular beach towns of Playa Samara and Mal Pais on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, these three far less discovered beaches are some of the most beautiful and least visited in the entire country

Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica


Just ten miles south of the fishing village Playa Carrillo on the Pacific Coast, Playa Bejuco is largely undeveloped. The brown sand beach stretches for miles, and it is one of the last places in the world where it’s possible to walk without another soul in sight.

Unpaved roads keep many tourists and developers at bay, and land access is exclusively made by small dirt roads. However, a small airport at the nearby town of Corozalito makes travel to the area somewhat easier.

Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica


South of Playa Bejuco lies Playa San Miguel, which stretches for six miles along the Pacific. The gorgeous beach is often deserted and surfers can enjoy uncrowded waves at high tide. At low tide the beach is perfect for swimming, making it a great location for a family with kids of all ages.

Playa Coyote, Costa Rica


The furthest South of these three beach towns, Playa Coyote marks the midway point between popular beaches Playa Samara and Mal Pais. Accessing Playa Coyote by car can be relatively easy in the dry season, coming from Playa Samara to the north or Playa Naranja on the east, but in rainy season a four-wheel drive is necessary.

This beach has excellent diversity for all types of beach lovers with shallow, calm water for swimming, incredible tropical nature and wildlife, and even a surf break at Punta Coyote. It remains rather undeveloped with just a campground, one hotel, and a small but delicious seafood restaurant.

San Francisco de Coyote


The nearest village to Playa Coyote and other more remote beaches in the area is the town of San Francisco de Coyote, just a few miles inland. The town has some local restaurants, simple accommodations, a grocery store, a gas station, and access to wifi.

Buses run twice daily between San Jose and San Francisco de Coyote, 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., however they are not reliable in the rainy season. From nearby Playa Naranjo, one can catch a ferry to the port hub of Puntarenas across from the Nicoya Peninsula.


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