Community and Lifestyle

Activities in Playa Garza, Costa Rica.

This white sandy beach is also known as the sport fishing center of the Nosara area. Boats are lined up off shore, the fish are plentiful, and there are even soda’s (local Costa Rican restaurants) along Playa Garza that will sauté, bake, and/or stir fry your fresh catch. The most cherished activity in Playa Garza is the simple art of doing absolutely nothing at all.  Lie back in a hammock with a good book along the coconut grooves or lie under a breezy palm tree while sunbathing your worries away. Looking for quiet, stillness, and serenity?  Playa Garza is full of locals who will help you transition into the Pura Vida (or “Pure Life”) lifestyle that makes Playa Garza and the Nosara/Samara some of the best laid back beaches in the world. 

Hotels, Restaurants, Healing Centers and Yoga

Don’t fear you are too remote by living or investing in Playa Garza or Playa Barco Quebrado. After all, both beaches are within six miles of Nosara and all of the excitement and businesses that Nosara offers. The nearby Nosara Playa Garza Hotel is located right on the beaches of Nosara. A clean, safe, and secure surf sanctuary, the Nosara Playa Garza Hotel is the perfect place to rise with the rainforest and rest under the tropical starry nights.

Playa Garza, Playa Barco Quebrado, and the Greater Nosara Coast is considered one of the premier spots for surfing, yoga and healing retreats of all sorts. From Blue Spirit (, Nosara Yoga Institute (, and  Harmony Healing Center / Hotel (  are just a few of the many Healing Centers, Spas and Surf camps along the 33 kilometer beachfront properties between Nosara and Samara. The best part?  Playa Garza is in between it all!