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Things to do in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

Visitors who do arrive in Playa Grande for their vacation come for one of two primary reasons:  to surf or to get involved with the turtles. Surfing enthusiasts–and those eager to get on a board for the very first time won't be disappointed. While the ocean waters here are known for being a bit turbulent for swimming, they are just right for surfers. Beginners have multiple surf schools and instructors to choose from, which contribute to the casual and laid back vibe of the area. 

With regard to turtles, local tour operators take visitors out in the hopes of seeing a turtle lay her eggs or babies emerging from the eggs and making their first journey to the sea. Preservation groups and researchers are working tirelessly to support these great sea creatures and ensure they're able to continue the cycle.  The preservation of this area as a turtle nesting site is a hot topic in Playa Grande, and after living in Playa Grande for a while, people often find that they have a newfound passion in the cause.

One of the other unique things about the Playa Grande area is that it backs up to an estuary.  Lush mangroves line the narrow waterways and attract abundant wildlife.  It is an excellent spot for kayaking, birding, and exploration in general.

It's easy to enjoy some pampering in Playa Grande thanks to the numerous spas and wellness centers in the area. Private massage therapists schedule in-home and on-the-beach appointments.  For the ultimate in spa luxury, head to the renowned Los Altos de Eros spa.

A handful of fantastic restaurants are the highlights of the Playa Grande dining scene. With ocean views, a selection of fresh seafood, and an ever-casual atmosphere, there’s no need to put on a tie or blazer. Those who dream of ditching their business attire will find that investing in Costa Rica is an excellent way to make that transition.

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